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  1. Please click on one of the Recent post or choose a Category on your right.
  2. Open (click on it) the selected teaching you want to download if not already open.
  3. In the description of the teaching there will be options to download audio and pdf files. (e.g. “click here to download teaching”)
  4. Please note: The older audio messages have two optional formats for download, Wav and Mp3. The wav files are much smaller, but might not work on your app.
  5. We are now only uploading in mobile wav file format.
  6. If you cell phone does not recognize the file format, then download the file to your PC and then transfer it to your cell phone. It will normally convert it to a readable file format for your phone automatic. If not please contact me. 

Please contact Hein if you have trouble to download or hear the file on 0837729825

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