Here is what some people commented on our Tuesday evenings, so you can get a better idea of what they experience.

“I love the way the meetings are led, allowing the Holy Spirit to have total control. I love the hands-on ministry in every meeting. I love the way Hein teaches the word in a way that even a child could understand it. That it is Spirit directed and not ones own ideas. I love the way that the Father is always asked  first before acting, setting a wonderful example. The love and grace that Hein and Janine practice and show your – group is so precious. The worship is wonderful, the way the Spirit is allowed to move and flow freely is so divine, the way you encourage and allow us to grow freely with you to obtain what God has for us. I love the prophetic and how we all are given a chance to learn and grow in our own prophetic gift and how Faith Ministries make us hungry for more by what I see in their lives.”

“Deeper worship and new revelation to the word.”

“Faith Ministries is a safe place that is always filled with His presence, unconditional love and fresh revelation.
People passionate about God. Words alone can not describe all His goodness through Faith Ministries,
So grateful!!”

“A people dedicated to worshiping the ONE TRUE GOD in Spirit and in truth!”

“Meetings that are filled with great depth of word, always putting the Lord & what He would like to do as the focus.”