What we believe

Every Christian can know Jesus intimately, and that God wants to meet you where love and faith meets. We all have different callings and giftings, some for the ministry, others for the business or being a mother at home raising her children.

Jesus called all people to be a light and salt to this world, but for most believers just to do good where they live and be there for those believers in need. (Matt 5-7; 25:35) God said to Moses. “I Am who I Am”. In knowing that God alone has your new name, and that the law is now in your heart, we believe that God wants you to be you. A holy you, set apart, but uniquely, joyfully you. Someone that walks with God, and loves what he or she does. God has a plan for every believer; the good works have been set out already. We can all know our calling, and make our election clear. We can evangelize every one we know, but have no love for it. Or we can know God and love what we do, flow in our gifting according to our call overflowing into others. Then the world will see your light, taste your saltiness and give praise to God because you love what you do, and do good to others. God does not want to change the real you. He wants to fill you up that you may know who you really are and what you can do through Him for others.  A Spirit filled, Life giving Christian. Loved by ABBA, and loving your neighbour as yourself.

For many this calls for discipline and intimacy, for Love and faith! To come out of your Egypt, you will need to hear and believe God. You will need fellowship, encouragement  and discipline on the way to freedom, so you can also live out your God given dream with righteousness, peace and joy in Him. Its not impossible, God has made a way, where Love and Faith meets. One way, where it all start with Jesus, believing what He says in your heart.


Looking at the OT Tabernacle or Temple, you will see the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jesus Christ). The outer court, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.
The five fold ministry (church) can show you the Way, but only the Holy Spirit can show you the Truth to obey to enter the Life, and it in abundance. If you don’t believe or obey Him, you will never enter or remain in that Life. We believe we are commissioned to train up an army of believers that seeks to be disciplined and hunger and thirst for righteousness .  Athletes that wants to win the race, willing to pay the prise of discipleship. Not that we disciple, we only teach you to obey the one that was sent to lead you into all Truth, the Spirit of God. We are not your Father, Rabbi or Master, we are your brothers and sisters and mothers calling you to follow our example as we follow Him.  (Matt 23:9) Do you want the price? Are you willing to lay down your life for Him? Well then you share our heart, we welcome you on behalf of our King!


Statement of faith: